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Empowering Investors

RockSteady Funds has a Firm Foundation, at top of mind. Protecting and growing capital through Real Estate Ventures is how we do it! 

Recognizing the opportunity for safety  in such uncertain economic time, the Founder of RockSteady first proposed a Fund that would preform best in a high interest rate environment with recession on the horizon, and where stocks seem to be dropping. Also recognizing the Rise in T-Bills and Bonds, we believe Real Estate can be very competitive from all angles.


RockSteady’s portfolio operates under SECs Reg D 506(c) Rules. This means that we accept Accredited Investors only. Not sure if you’re a credited investor click here to get verified (this is a none-endorsed 3rd party source). 

If you are a Verified Accredited investor, please provide that information by emailing 

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